What our clients say about us

It’s all very well for us to talk about what we provide, but what do our clients say about us……….

Ron and Judy:
My husband and I were the first clients of David and Michelle when they commenced their business as Financial Advisers.
David has made our journey towards preparing for our future so much smoother.
His expert advice has seen us accomplish a stage-by-stage development which has carried us through the sale of our previous home, and interim stage and the building of a new home while setting us up for our retirement.
We strongly recommend David and Michelle and their team at Epona Financial Group to guide you whether just starting out, establishing your financial portfolio or guiding you through the steps to move into retirement. You can trust them with confidence.
Well done, Epona!

I have been a happy client of Epona and its predecessors for over 20 years. Starting with Noel Hooper who would later join Duggan Financial Services with Bill, Pam and Lisa. Remaining with Lisa at the inception of Epona Financial Services.
Now with Michelle and David at the helm, it goes without saying that I am more than happy to continue my association with Epona. I know full well with Michelle’s knowledge and guidance, I will continue to receive good quality service and the attention that my finances have been given in the past and that they will continue to grow.
As a final endorsement, I would like to acknowledge Nicole, Linda and Lauren their wonderful staff. They are a mainstay to the business, providing courteous, competent and complete support to their clients.

Janet and Peter:
We have been with Epona for more than twenty years starting with Bill, then Lisa and Sue and now Michelle is looking after our financial situation.
During our time with Epona we have been guided through our finances into retirement. Michelle is aware of how we want our future to look and has helped us achieve this. Any changes we make she is only a phone call away and willing to help.
It is also a pleasure to talk to Nicole, Linda and the wonderful friendly knowledgeable staff.
We would highly recommended Epona.

Andy and Fran:
When my wife and I retired some 16 years ago, it was essential to us that we dealt with someone we could trust with our life savings.
With Epona and their relationship with Colonial First State, we have enjoyed regular monthly payments and have no fears of ‘misappropriation’ of our life savings.
Peace of mind is more important to us as we get older. With Epona, together with their friendly staff, our retirement years have been worry-free.

Angela and Phil:
On our own we could never have hoped to navigate our way through the maze of transitioning to retirement.
Michelle and her team put in place for us a series of plans and strategies that have enabled us to seamlessly transition into our retirement.
Their knowledge, professionalism and dedication have enabled us to put our finances into such a position that we now feel more than comfortable with our financial position.
If it wasn’t for Michelle and her team at Epona Financial Guidance we would not be in the position we are now, which is looking forward to a comfortable retirement.

I can’t speak highly enough of the support and sound advice that I have received from the Epona staff. Having had ridiculous advice from a “so called” Financial Adviser, who I thought I could trust, I have felt financially secure since Epona was recommended to me by a good friend, who had had a similar experience to me. I will always be grateful… Many thanks to the Epona Team….

My husband had already retired and I was about to when we were referred to Michelle and Epona by friends. We had our first meeting with Michelle and felt sure that we were making the right decision in getting some advice. Then Covid 19 hit and we were incredibly grateful to have the certainty of knowing Michelle and Epona’s expertise could navigate us through these very uncertain times.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Epona to anyone in need of financial advice. We have found the whole team at Epona, but especially Michelle and Nicole with whom we deal primarily, to be warm, welcoming and above all, extremely knowledgeable. Knowing our finances are in their safe hands allows us the luxury of truly relaxing into our retirement.

Michael & David:
Michelle always adopts a friendly but highly professional approach, takes the time to be fully acquainted with our personal histories, and does her best to tailor her advice to our needs without pushing any personal agenda. She is always ready to respond to any questions we might have in a timely and appropriate manner. Annual meetings with her, whether face-to-face, or more recently electronically because of covid, have been constructive and are conducted in an unhurried time-line.

The level of awareness, independence and freedom I now have over my finances is only possible to the professionalism and outstanding personalised service Epona has provided me since day one!
Thanks to David and Michelle’s advice I’ve been able to achieve dreams I never thought possible.
Investing, budgeting and planning ahead has now become part of my day-to-day finances, no doubts or reservations just trusting their professional advice and seeing results!
I’m so grateful to have been welcomed to the Epona family! Looking forward to many more dreams coming true!

Ron & Sue:
My wife, Sue, and I have been receiving financial advice from Epona for many years now. With the help we have received, we are now able to live a comfortable life in retirement. I am sure that would not have been possible without Epona’s guidance and support to maximise our retirement savings.
Sue and I had established a good working relationship with the Duggan family who were the original founders of Epona. When David and Michelle took over the business recently, we wondered what impact that would have. I have to say though that David and Michelle have continued to provide excellent financial advice and, in fact, have raised the bar in relation to the quality and level of support we receive.
Sue and I are very happy working with Epona and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Michelle and David have been an absolute pleasure to deal with!
Their information and planning is strategic, straight forward and easy to understand, and that’s coming from someone who would rather poke pins in her eyes than talk finances!
They managed the financial aspect of my fathers move into aged care with ease and dignity. No question was too stupid! David’s in-depth knowledge of the aged care sector proved to be an invaluable asset and bonus!
I have and will continue to recommend them both! They go above and beyond!

Donna & Ross:
We have now been clients of Epona for over 5 years {Lisa and now Michelle} and are extremely thankful for their advice, dedication and support as we transitioned into early retirement.
Our journey has been stress free due to their professionalism, knowledge and genuine caring attitude. We are certainly in a far better financial position then we thought possible.
Michelle is always available to answer our many questions promptly and explains every step clearly in terms we understand. We have peace of mind knowing we are in very capable hands.
Walking into the Epona office we are always treated like part of their family by the whole team. Thank you to our friends for recommending such a brilliant company.

Keith & Di:
We have been clients of Epona for around 12 years now. At our recent review with Michelle, we raised with her our keenness to shift our retirement investments further into ESG/Ethical investment funds.
Michelle and David did not hesitate, they enthusiastically took this on board and a smooth transition has us set to achieve our desired and ethical result.
Across our 12 years we have only had excellent outcomes from the team at Epona.”

Karen & Ash:
In 2018 after being diagnosed with a significant health change we needed to rely heavily on the financial expertise of Michelle.
Michelle never missed a beat and took this journey with us every step of the way.
Michelle was to gently guide us through a time of great uncertainty and change with unwavering support, compassion and valuable expertise.
Michelle, David and all the team at Epona worked collaboratively to ensure our financial goals were reached and a pathway for our financial security was achieved.
Life events can get in the way of your financial planning.
However, for us life events such as a retrenchment package and a significant health change gave us an opportunity to understand the significance of financial planning in life’s uncertain journey.
We will always be grateful for the financial guidance Michelle, David and the whole team at Epona have provided and will continue into our retirement and beyond.

Eric & Irene:
Michelle and her team are conscientious, empathetic and thoughtful in addressing the investment concerns for their clients and their unique needs while maintaining sound financial knowledge and a dynamic planning logic for strategies to reach the desired goals particularly in times of difficulty and market volatility.

Pam & John:
It all starts with family atmosphere; Nicole’s greetings in person and phone conversations. The way requests are done and dusted. We love a doggy chat also!
Michelle and David; their expertise and the ability to talk like family friends, makes questions and concerns so easy to have answered and to feel content that someone cares about you. Our 10 years of retirement and the build up in the prior planning with Lisa as well, has given us a happy comfortable lifestyle for which we are grateful and are enjoying the security that “Epona” is the one looking after us.

MaryAnne & Ross:
Seeing Michelle and David was the best thing we ever did when we started to think about our retirement. They are both committed to helping you make the right choices for now and give you fabulous insight for your future.
Michelle and David are incredibly responsive and provide financial acumen and wisdom alongside being wonderfully warm and understanding of personal circumstances and having a keen family focus.

I have been with Epona for over 7 years now and have a whole new understanding and appreciation for how powerful this tool can be. I love how Epona’s ethos is centered around a holistic lifestyle approach rather than a transactional wealth accumulation agenda. Michelle and David helped me focus on the lifestyle that was important to me, and how we can use financial tools to achieve that outcome. I always thought insurances and superannuation were for people close to retirement but Michelle and David have taught me that the plans I put into place now will set me up for the best life goals now and into the future. I’m so grateful for their genuine care and support over the years.

Mark & Erin:
Around 10 or so years ago we began our relationship with Epona, and initially had different client advisors assigned to us, some of which were a better fit than others. It was good and we were happy with the service, it fitted our needs and aligned with our goals.
However, now that Michelle & David are now in charge, things for us have gone from good to fantastic. They both work closely together providing wonderful service for all of their clients. The continuity of service provided by Michelle who is now our financial advisor is nothing short of outstanding.
We both feel we have an actual relationship with Michelle who not only is interested in us financially, but also personally, and is active in building that relationship with us both. We have had a 10 year financial plan with a view to early retirement, and happily, that plan is now our reality. With the help of both Michelle and David, we have now realised our dream of early retirement and being financially self sufficient.
The new approaches and technologies Michelle & David have brought to Epona has meant we always feel informed and up to date. Michelle’s advice and calm and patient leadership to us during the covid crisis last year meant that while our superannuation balances gradually fell, (as did everyone else’s) with Michelle’s strength and guidance they regained their value over time and also grew significantly beyond that.
Honestly, we could not be happier with the whole Epona team including Nicole, who is always pleasant, warm and kind. Everyone at Epona is friendly, thoughtful, respectful and helpful to us both. Michelle is always contactable which gives us an added peace of mind. Having the continuity of service with Michelle in particular has built our confidence and supported our desire to achieve our early retirement goals.
At our last pre retirement meeting, David stopped off to buy us a cake on his way to work to celebrate achieving our goal. We were both very touched by this incredibly thoughtful gesture. We feel comfortable and confident moving forward in our new position of no longer working and being self funded retirees. Neither of us feel stressed or worried about money because we know financially we are in great shape.
We both look forward to many more years of working closely with Michelle, David and the Epona team. Thank you all for your support, for caring about us and helping us to achieve our goals. We cannot thank you enough.

Brock & Amber:
We engaged Michelle and David from Epona Financial Guidance to assist us with the set-up and management of our Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. We got great advice from Epona and have seen our fund grow as a result. We also have comfort in the fact that Epona advised us on an insurance and asset protection strategy that will cover us in the event of something happening to either of us. We safe in the knowledge that we are protected. We have no hesitate in recommending the team at Epona Financial Guidance.

Roberto & David:
We have worked with Lisa for over a decade and more recently Michelle and David and their team for several years now. Michelle and David are exceptional trusted advisors. They are smart, upfront and honest and clear and concise in their direction. They are always available to chat day or night, weekday or weekend. Their advice has empowered us to make decisions that give complete confidence in our present and future wealth creation, and has unlocked possibilities, such as the option of early retirement and investment properties that double as a weekend getaway that we never thought possible. We have recommended Michelle and David and several peers and friends in Sydney and Melbourne who have decided to also work with them.