Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance

Live the life you desire….

These days life can be so busy that it’s hard enough to find the time to pay the bills, let alone to step back and assess whether you are making the most of your opportunities and creating financial independence to live the  life you want.

At Epona Financial Guidance we believe that life is too short to let the day-to-day demands of life prevent you from accomplishing your big-picture aspirations.

That’s why we are committed to helping you take valuable time out to define and achieve your life goals. 

Your guide for a successful journey

We combine our financial planning expertise with specialists in a wide range of fields to help you reach your chosen destination.  Our focus is on the big-picture – how we can help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Our tailored financial planning services include:

  • assistance with planning a life you love – the first critical step is to help you assess what your priorities are, your values, how you want to be leading your life.  From there we’ll assist you to work through what may be holding you back.  Are there roadblocks?  What’s getting in the way?
  • ongoing wealth accumulation – once you have identified your goals and aspirations we will assist you to build the financial resources required to fund the life you desire.  This includes budgeting and cash flow management, managing debt and putting in place appropriate investment strategies and structures.  Think of this as creating the foundations for your future success.
  • protection of your wealth and assets – it’s all very well to put in place the necessary building blocks , but what if something unexpected happens?  The best laid plans will come astray in the event of a sudden accident, illness or perhaps a relationship break down. That’s why our services include ensuring appropriate protection is in place,
  • preparation for an enjoyable retirement – it’s never too early to start.  Whilst we will assist you with funding your exit from the work force via appropriate wealth creation strategies from the time you start working with us, you may be approaching retirement and thinking you’ve left it all too late – don’t!  It’s crucial that you make the most of your opportunities, including maximising any social security benefits you may be entitled to.  

Enjoy the ride….

At Epona Financial Guidance, we think of life as a journey to be enjoyed – with all its ups and downs, pit-stops, diversions and various destinations.

And, like any journey, you can start off in a general direction and gradually work out the route as you go, or you may prefer to benefit from the knowledge and experience of specialists who can advise the best routes to take to suit your preferences and desired time frames.

While both methods can get you to where you want to be, history proves that people usually reach their life goals more quickly with ongoing expert advice, than if merely left to chance.