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The Legend of Epona

The Legend of Epona

Why Epona? What’s with the “Guidance,” aren’t you Financial Planners?  And for goodness sake, how do you pronounce it anyway?

All valid questions.  For starters, it’s pronounced E-Poan-A.  Yes, we are Financial Planners, but think of us as your guides on your journey to financial freedom and creating a life you love!  Our role is to ensure that you are making fully informed decisions and understand the impact of such.  

Why Epona?  Now, that’s a longer story, but we do hope you will take the time to read on…

Epona Financial Guidance takes its name from the Celtic goddess, Epona, who was revered for centuries across ancient Europe for her role in helping to manifest dreams, protect families and create abundance.  Epona was known as the goddess of dreams, not only of the sleeping kind, but those of hope and ambition.  She would be called upon when seeking prosperity or when venturing upon a new path in life.  As Epona was also known as the goddess of horses and journey, she is always portrayed with a horse.

Legend has it that if you allow Epona to accompany you throughout life, you will achieve your dreams.  At Epona Financial Guidance our aim is to help you do just that.

Our Approach

At Epona, we believe there’s more important things to life than money. (Sounds a bit scary from a financial planning firm we know!).  Sure, we all need it, but how much do we need? We believe it is only in understanding your values and how you wish to live your life that that question can be answered.  Money, in our opinion, should be viewed as an enabler, not the end goal in itself.  

Money and time…. Two finite resources, at least for most of us anyway.  You may not feel at times that you have many choices, but we all do.  There are always choices and at times trade-offs to be made in life and this is no exception when making decisions about how and what you do in the management of your financial affairs.

Your guide for a successful journey

We recognise that each of us have our own personal values and inner drivers, so our role is not to push you down a particular financial path, but rather to ensure you are making fully informed decisions and understand the consequences of your choices. 

The great thing about life is that it offers so many possibilities.  With this in mind, we first help you to define all the things you’d like to experience and achieve, and then make a thorough analysis of your current circumstances to determine your starting point.

We then put our years of financial planning experience at work to recommended financial strategies that will help your achieve your aspirations.

Our approach is designed to assist you:

  • learn more about your options in life,
  • fund the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family,
  • become more confident and in control of your financial future,
  • provide care and support to your loved ones, and
  • build sustainable wealth to achieve your goals throughout life

So, who do we work well with?

Over many years we’ve found that we tend to work best with people who:

  • are seeking positive change
  • are open to exploring the “bigger picture” and their future goals
  • are committed to an ongoing relationship
  • are proactive and engaged in decision making

And, who don’t we work with?

If you’ve read about our approach above, you’ll understand that we don’t work with those individuals who are just looking for an “execution” service, for us to just organise an investment or say insurance, as per their instructions.  And no, it’s not because we don’t like being “told,” it’s because we can’t deliver the value we pride ourselves on.  We know at times that this may be all you are looking for and for that reason we are able to refer you to other advisers whose business models operate in this manner.

We also struggle where you are looking for us to provide advice on a single part of your overall financial arrangements,  without disclosing your full situation to us.  You may wonder why we ask so many seemingly inconsequential questions, but there is method to our madness…. So many areas of how you organise your finances impact on others and it’s crucial to have a full understanding of the consequences of any actions you may take.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a “one-off” service and then to never hear from us again, we are not the practice for you!  Life doesn’t stand still, neither do Governments and their never ending urge to adjust legislation, let alone economic conditions. The best laid plans will always come astray without accountability and regular review and adjustment.  Your journey to living a life you love is a long term one and so is our partnership with our clients.  We can’t deliver you to your chosen destination with a “set and forget” approach.

So, in summary, if you are:

  • feeling like there may be more to life; more time, more
  • choice, more freedom, more satisfaction…
  • seeking to optimise your opportunities
  • inclined to working as part of a team,
  • someone who values support

then we may be just what you are looking for!